Fear Less blog Football Legends – Where Are They Now?

Football Legends – Where Are They Now?

Football Legends: Where Are They Now?

Football fans love to follow สำรวจตอนนี้ their favourite players; they’re often fascinated by the minutiae of their lives, keeping up with where they spend their holidays, what cars they drive and even how many children they have. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the goings on in modern football, especially with Premier League matches taking place every night of the week and numerous cup competitions too.

After retiring from football, most players choose to stay in the game in some way; perhaps coaching or working as a pundit. But some players prefer to separate themselves from the competitive side of the game completely and settle for a much more ordinary career.

Football Legends: Where Are They Now

Cult players can be a real joy to watch on the pitch, with their flamboyance and ability to thrill their supporters. It’s not always a case of being the best player on the team, but often a cult status is gained through off-the-field eccentricities, a hard-man image or a loyalty to one club; Francis Benali, for example, gained cult status for his luxuriant moustache and his determination to remain a one-club man.

Some players even go on to become a legend off the field as well; Gary Neville is a prime example, having managed England and Manchester United before becoming an excellent television commentator. Others, like former Detroit Lions defensive back Charles Woodson, continue to do public work, such as supporting the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital and FC Harlem.

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