Day: March 1, 2024

Virtual Reality and Sports 360: Taking Fans Closer to the ActionVirtual Reality and Sports 360: Taking Fans Closer to the Action

360 Football Entertainment

When NCAA Football 06 came out on last-gen consoles back in 2006, hardcore college football video game fans rejoiced – it was the best of its kind and was set to deliver a new level of immersiveness to the genre. But when the series made the jump to this generation, some were disappointed. It was missing some nuances and didn’t quite live up to its hype.

That might be changing with the advent of virtual reality and Goal360 TV, which are making their way to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Across the sporting world, clubs are using technology to take fans closer to the action.

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For example, a video posted by Paris Saint-Germain showed fans a glimpse behind the scenes at the club. The clip featured players and staff working at the club’s training ground and also taking part in a charity event.

Another 360-degree video was shared by the NCAA to highlight an all-deaf high school team that brings together hearing and non-hearing students. In the clip, the team’s head coach explains how the team unites their community and shows the players and coaches doing drills on the field.

However, some are wary of the technology and its potential to be misused. In the case of Confirmed360, a company that helps fans get tickets to celebrity events, a man named Robert Barnhart says he was scammed by the firm. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Barnhart claims he flew from California to New York for Z100’s Jingle Ball with his wife in December of 2019 and paid Confirmed360 about $30,000 for the privilege.