Fear Less tech How to Send Email Google Sheets

How to Send Email Google Sheets

Send Email Google Sheets

For work or personal use, you may want to automatically send Email from a spreadsheet based on specific values or when new data arrives. Although this isn’t something that can be done out of the box with Google Sheets, there are several ways to accomplish this using a combination of Google Apps Script and third-party tools such as YAMM.

Simplify Your Process: Emailing Data from Google Sheets with Efficiency

To start, first open Lido and authenticate your Google account if you haven’t already done so. Next, import the spreadsheet you wish to email to your account. Upon import, you’ll be prompted to review permissions. Make sure to select “Review Permissions” to authorize the gsprsmt function.

This will create a module that will perform the emailing function. Name the module, then click the Run Once button to run the scenario and test its functionality. To send a email for every row in a Google Sheet, you need to add a filter that will check the status of a particular column in your spreadsheet and then generate an email for each record with that status.

You can use dynamic values (like the current date) in your email subject and body fields by clicking on the ‘Cell Value’ button. In addition, you can include a Google Sheets row number in your email subject by adding a Linked Column in the Module Settings window and mapping it to the Data Item setting of the first Module in your scenario.

You can also send your spreadsheet to multiple recipients by adding a new Linked Column in the Module Settings window and choosing the “Send to all” option. You can then enter the recipients in your Gmail Compose screen and include placeholders surrounded by curly braces (like First name) for the variables from your Google Sheet.

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