Day: May 11, 2024

3000 mg Hemp Cream by Quiet Monk Review3000 mg Hemp Cream by Quiet Monk Review

When choosing a CBD cream, make sure to check the source of the CBD, how it’s extracted and its THC content. These factors determine the dosage you can expect to receive per application. It’s also important to compare prices and to consult with a professional. URL

3000 mg hemp cream by Quiet Monk

This high strength CBD pain relief cream is formulated for those with more severe or persistent pain. It soothes joint and muscle discomfort, back aches and soreness from workouts. The cream is absorbed quickly for fast acting relief. The formula includes shea butter which deeply nourishes and moisturizes, as well as care silicone which helps to lock in moisture and prevent further dehydration. The cream is also enriched with Dead Sea minerals which promote healthy skin.