Day: June 16, 2024

How to Pass the DGT Test in EnglishHow to Pass the DGT Test in English

The dgt test in english free is one of the most important exams to pass for expats moving to Spain. It is a 30 question exam that you need to get at least 27 answers correct in order to pass. If you get any more than 3 questions wrong the exam will be failed. If you’re not a native Spanish speaker it can be quite difficult to understand the invigilator during the test, which could be a big barrier for some expats.

Benefits of Taking the DGT Test in English

Before you can take the test, you’ll need to make an appointment online at the DGT website here. You’ll need to select your province and license exchange, choose your home country, then fill out the rest of the form. You’ll also need a copy of your passport and your NIE number.

Once you’ve registered with the DGT, you’ll be able to find an official driving school (autoescuela) that offers classes in English. The school will give you all the resources needed for your studies, including books and practice tests. You can even sign up for a full package with the driving school that includes practical classes and theory classes.

The best option is to sign up for a package with the driving school, as it makes the whole process 100% easier. Plus, they’ll have all the official books and the latest dgt questions. They’ll also help you pass your DGT test in English. If you’d rather study on your own, there are websites that offer the latest questions for free. Just be sure to use a site that’s updated frequently.